Paris, Giverny, Honfleur & Rouen
The Impressionists
From 23 April to 25 April 2024

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    Normandy, I will visit you again…Le Havre, Honfleur, Giverny: the names of mythic towns that immediately conjure up images of art and painting.


    Normandy, the land of Impressionism: it was in these beautiful landscapes that one of the most important aesthetic movements in history was born. On November 25, 1874, an article about Claude Monet’s painting “Impression, soleil levant” created a sensation, launching an artistic revolution that is still going strong today.


    To mark the 150th anniversary of Impressionism, we invite you to discover the very places where the great masters found inspiration. It is true that Paris has collected and is still collecting some of the finest paintings of the period, notably in the Musée d’Orsay and the little-known (and magnificent!) Musée Marmottan-Monet. But Impressionism is also a state of mind that is best discovered in the towns and villages where the painters set down their easels. Immersing yourself in Normandy means tasting the incomparable light, recognizing a unique palette of colors, and enjoying life’s finest pleasures.


    We take you to walk in the footsteps of Claude Monet in Giverny and Rouen, then to marvel at the beautiful port of Honfleur, inseparable from so many pictorial masterpieces. Writer and art historian Pascal Bonafoux will share his views with us throughout the journey.


    For a maximum of 15 participants

    A fugue in the company of the Impressionists, like a delicious bubble of oxygen and a call to light and freedom...
    The program
    Marmottan-Monet Museum
    April 23, 2024
    Orsay Museum
    April 23, 2024
    Optional night at Brach Hotel in Paris.
    April 23, 2024
    Claude Monet's house and gardens
    April 24, 2024
    Moulin de Fourges
    April 24, 2024
    Eugène Boudin Museum
    April 24, 2024
    Gastronomic restaurant, Les Impressionistes
    April 24, 2024
    L'invitation au Voyage
    April 25, 2024
    Restaurant L'Odas (1 Michelin star)
    April 25, 2024
    Fine Arts Museum of Rouen
    Optional night at Brach Hotel in Paris.
    April 25, 2024
    Tuesday, April 23rd — Paris

    We will start the day with a visit to the Musée Marmottan-Monet, guided by your tour guide Pascal Bonafoux.


    Situated in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Musée Marmottan-Monet is housed in the former mansion of Paul Marmottan, an art historian and specialist in the Consulate and the Empire. Collector and patron of the arts, he bequeathed the mansion and his private collection to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1932. The mansion became a museum two years later and houses today the most important Impressionist collection in Paris thanks to a succession of diverse and significant donations. First, in 1957, eleven major artists paintings were bequeathed to the museum: Morisot, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley and Monet, including the famous “Impression, soleil levant”. Then, the museum received the collection of Michel Monet, son of the famous painter, as well as that of Berthe Morisot’s family, a doyenne of the Impressionist movement. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with this museum!


    After lunch we will then continue to the Musée d’Orsay for a visit of the “Paris 1874” exhibition, still guided by your tour guide Pascal Bonafoux.


    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first Impressionist exhibition in Paris, the Musée d’Orsay is staging a major event with “Paris 1874 – Inventing Impressionism”. Featuring almost 130 artworks, the exhibition brings a fresh look to the circumstances that led 31 artists to come together to exhibit their work.


    This first day will end smoothly and calmly with a Tea time.


    Evening at leisure.


    Optional night at Brach Hotel in Paris.

    Wednesday, April 24th — Paris/Giverny/Honfleur

    In the morning, we will be heading to Giverny to discover Claude Monet’s house and gardens. This visit will be complemented by a visit to the Musée des impressionnismes in Giverny.


    The museum aims to introduce us to Impressionism in the broadest sense of the term and also to explore the beginnings and consequences of this movement. The museum’s location also gives meaning to this mission.


    Lunch will be held in a bucolic setting at the Moulin de Fourges, just a few minutes away from the museum.


    After lunch, the tour continues at Honfleur, to the Eugène Boudin Museum.


    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Impressionism in 1874, the museum is holding an exhibition devoted to Impressionism and the Sea. Through the works of artists such as Eugène Boudin, Johan Barthold Jongkind, Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet and Paul Gauguin, this exhibition will offer a new vision of the Impressionist artists’ attraction to the sea..


    The day will end with a dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel L’invitation au voyage.


    Thursday, April 25th — Honfleur/Rouen/Paris

    In the morning, you will enjoy the magnificent site of the Saint-Siméon Farm. You can try your hand at a watercolour painting class with an artist, which will take place in the gallery, in the gardens or facing the estuary, depending on the weather.


    We’ll be back on the road in the late morning, heading for Rouen.


    Rouen is one of France’s most beautiful cities. Its admirably preserved historic centre offers some superb walks, with its 2,000 timber-framed houses, its Gros Horloge clock tower and its cathedral, immortalised in 28 paintings by Monet at different times of the day (and in different light!). The Normandy capital also boasts a magnificent Musée des Beaux-Arts, with some very impressive collections of Impressionist art: Monet, of course, but also Sisley, Renoir, Pissarro, Caillebotte… In addition to its permanent exhibition, the museum also displays around ten masterpieces by Dufy, along with paintings by Vallotton and Chagall. 


    Lunch will be served at the L’Odas restaurant (1 Michelin star), which has prepared a seasonal menu for the occasion.


    In the afternoon, we will enjoy the last visit of our escapade to the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, accompanied and guided by your tour guide Pascal Bonafoux..


    The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen will also be honouring Englishman David Hockney, a living legend in the art world. His Californian pool scenes may have made him famous, but it was in Normandy that he chose to settle several years ago. The British artist has a boundless admiration for Impressionism. After his exploration of digital techniques, Hockney is making a major return to painting, and a new series of Normandy landscapes will be shown for the first time..


    Return to Paris in the late afternoon.


    Optional night at hotel Brach in Paris.



    Art Historian and author


    Although Impressionism was ” named ” in 1874, after Monet’s painting ” Impression, soleil levant “, it had appeared a few years earlier, in Le Havre to be exact. It was there that Monet had a decisive encounter with Eugène Boudin and Johan Barthold Jongkind, who invited him to paint en plein air. It was then that he discovered, and brought to light, a light that the official painting of the time was still ignoring.


    Monet then brought the friends he had met in Paris to Normandy. They would go to Le Havre, or even Honfleur, where the Saint-Siméon farmhouse, overlooking the Seine estuary, became a studio. They would sometimes meet up with Baudelaire, who would convince Manet of the need to paint modern life – a heresy in the eyes of the members of the Salon jury, the Institut and the École des Beaux-Arts.


    It has taken a quarter of a century for the paintings of the Impressionists to finally cease to be the object of scandal and scorn.


    What is remarkable and incomparable in the history of painting is that the Impressionist movement was not a “school”, but a requirement that led each artist to assert his own individuality. There is no question of confusing a Monet with a Renoir, a Caillebotte with a Morisot, a Bazille with a Cézanne….


    Year after year, the subjects they chose and the light they showed attracted painters from all over Europe and the United States, where their dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, had “exported” them.


    Without them, Paris would never have become the international capital of art that it was until the 1930s.


     Pascal Bonafoux

    HOTEL BRACH (*****) — Optional Night(s) in Paris — 1 + 1 night

    A cultured, energised, epicurean and a fine aesthete, Brach is a true Parisian, connected to his neighbourhood, with his own codes and personality, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Generous and family-oriented, he illustrates the values of sharing and balance.


    L’INVITATION AU VOYAGE (charming hotel) — 1 night

    This former post office is now a setting with a warm atmosphere between discreet luxury and refined chic. The team offers a sincere and warm welcome in this elegant hotel just a stone’s throw from the port of Honfleur.


    Stay from 23 to 25 April 2024 – without hotel in Paris


    Package in a Superior double room: €1,865

    Package in a Superior double room for individual use: €1,970

    Package in a Deluxe double room: €1,890

    Package in a Deluxe double room for single use: €2,015


    The price of this trip includes: accommodation in a double room with breakfast for 1 night from 24 to 25 April 2024 • tourist tax • visits and transfers mentioned in the program • meals mentioned in the program (drinks included).


    The price of this trip includes: accommodation in a double room with breakfast for 1 night from 24 to 25 April 2024 • tourist tax • visits and transfers mentioned in the program • meals mentioned in the program (drinks included).

    The price of this trip does not include: transport to Paris • optional nights in Paris • dinner on April 23rd • extras.



    Optional night(s) in Paris


    Optional overnight stay from 23 to 24 April 2024 at Hotel Brach (*****)

    Supplement in a Deluxe double room: 485€

    Supplement in a Deluxe double room for single use: 920€



    Optional overnight stay from 25 to 26 April 2024 at Hotel Brach (*****)

    Supplement in a Deluxe double room: 455€

    Supplement in a Deluxe double room for single use: 860€



    Guided journey by Pascal Bonafoux.



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