Savonlinna & Mikkeli
Unique immersion in Finnish history and culture

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    Finnish gems to discover include Savonlinna and Mikkeli, the ancient merchant city where the art of living lives on. Visit Savonlinna castle and cathedral, and immerse yourself in nature and history at the Riihisaari museum, which pays tribute to the Saimaa region. A cruise on the lake offers a peaceful experience, while a Finnish sauna lets you immerse yourself in local customs. Go canoeing, cycling or climbing with a private guide to discover the region’s natural wonders.


    However, the highlight of the experience remains our exceptional festival. Imagine yourself on a small island, surrounded by forest and one of Europe’s largest lakes, with Olavinlinna Castle towering majestically in front of you. As the setting sun illuminates the ensemble in a golden light, the centuries-old stones resonate with lyrical melodies, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Every summer, the Savonlinna Opera Festival aims to create a unique opera venue, combining spectacle and authenticity. The sound quality is also remarkable: unlike a classical opera stage open on both sides, a stone wall surrounds the stage and allows the voices and orchestra to reflect, creating remarkable acoustics.


    Unspoilt nature, innovative design and ancient traditions
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