Turandot & Lucia di Lammermoor
From 4 April to 7 April 2024

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    In the port of Hamburg there is all the music singing! The beautiful Hanseatic city breathes fresh air: the third largest port in Europe (after Rotterdam and Antwerp), Hamburg is located at the crossroads of three rivers (the Elbe, the Alster and the Bille). The Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) is particularly striking: with its canals and buildings from the early twentieth century, the site has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the neighborhood, you will find the incredible Miniatur Wunder, the world´s largest model railway, or the sublime Elbphilharmonie, where you will attend a concert by the great violinist Pinchas Zukerman.


    Among the other sights of Hamburg, a visit to the bell tower of St. Michael’s Church, where a panoramic view of the city awaits you. In the crypt is also buried one of Johann Sebastian’s sons, the great Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. In the evening, the Reeperbahn district is a must-see, with its lively atmosphere and bars.


    Our program also offers you two beautiful evenings at the Hamburg Opera House. Two masterpieces of the Italian repertoire (Turandot, Lucia di Lammermoor) magnified by two directors who offer a free and feminist vision of the operas of Puccini and Donizetti. Invigorating!

    The program
    Turandot, by G. Puccini
    April 4, 2024
    Pinchas Zukerman / English Chamber Orchestra  
    April 5, 2024
    Lucia Di Lammermoor, By G. Donizetti
    April 6, 2024
    Thursday, april 4 - Hamburg

    At 6:50 p.m., at the Hamburg State Opera:


    TURANDOT, by G. Puccini


    Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra

    Evelino Pido: Conductor

    Yona Kim: Director


    Ewa Plonka: Turandot

    Gregory Kunde: Calaf

    Liang Li: Timur

    Adriana Gonzalez: Liu

    Frederic Mörth: Ping

    Daniel Kluge: Pang

    Florian Panzieri: Pong

    Jürgen Sacher: Altoum

    Chao Deng: A Mandarin


    The Hamburg Opera House is one of the best opera houses in Europe. In its warm room, directors have the opportunity to offer profoundly original readings of works from the repertoire. This Turandot led by Korean director Yona Kim is no exception. Here, Puccini’s opera shuns any ill-advised Orientalism, while respecting the period of the work (the 1920s) in which it was written.  In a superb setting, the evening resurrects the magic of the cruel story of the Empress of China, who will bestow her love on the one who solves her three riddles. Under the musical direction of the legendary Italian conductor Evelino Pidò, the vocal cast features the impressive Polish mezzo Ewa Plonka, the beautiful Liu of the young and promising Franco-Guatemalan singer Adriana Gonzalez and the Calaf of the great American tenor Gregory Kunde, who never ceases to amaze the longevity of his career with the beauty of his voice.


    At 8 p.m., at the Elbphilharmonie (Elbphilharmonie):




    English Chamber Orchestra

    Pinchas Zukerman: Conductor, violin, cello

    – P. Hindemith, Funeral Music for Viola and String Orchestra

    – W. A. Mozart, Rondo for violin and orchestra in C major KV 373

    – G. P. Telemann, Concerto in G major TWV 51/G9 for viola, strings and basso continuo

    – W. A. Mozart, Symphony in A major KV 201English Chamber Orchestra

    – P. Hindemith, Funeral Music for Viola and String Orchestra

    – W. A. Mozart, Rondo for violin and orchestra in C major KV 373

    – G. P. Telemann, Concerto in G major TWV 51/G9 for viola, strings and basso continuo

    – W. A. Mozart, Symphony in A major KV 201English Chamber Orchestra


    An exceptional artist in an exceptional setting! For almost half a century, Pinchas Zukerman has enchanted music lovers around the world with his fiery sound and his art of instrumental singing. The Israeli musician has it all: he is, of course, the great violinist we know, but he is also a violist and conductor of countless leading ensembles.


    In this concert in the sublime hall of the Elbphilharmonie (which alone would justify a trip to Hamburg!), Zukerman performs alongside the excellent English Chamber Orchestra as violin soloist (Mozart’s Rondo), violist soloist (two rare pieces by Hindemith and Telemann) and conductor (in the flamboyant Symphony No. 29, which marks a pre-Romantic turning point in Mozart’s work).



    At 7:30 p.m., at the Hamburg State Opera:


    LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR, by G. Donizetti


    Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra

    Evelino Pido: Conductor

    Amélie Niermeyer: Director


    Christoph Pohl: Lord Enrico Ashton

    Tuuli Takala: Lucia

    Ioan Hotea: Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood

    Michael Colvin: Lord Arturo Bucklaw

    Alexander Roslavets: Raimondo Bidebent

    Ida Aldrian: Alisa

    Daniel Kluge: Normanno


    Be careful, shock in perspective! Attending a performance of Lucia di Lammermoor is always a pleasure, as Donizetti’s work serves as an ideal setting for its singers. At the Hamburg Opera, Germany’s Amélie Niermeyer offers a radically new and stimulating vision of the project. Here, Lucia appears as a feminist heroine, who fights against the power of men.  Dance, video and scenography participate here in a total show whose strength and relevance were praised by the international press during the first series of performances in 2021. To embrace the power of this vision, you need a first-rate musical team, as is the case for this revival, with the excellent Italian conductor Evelino Pido in the pit, and above all the formidable Finnish soprano Tuuli Takala, whose star has been rising irresistibly for some years. His scene of madness will count as one of the great lyrical moments of your operatic year.



    In the heart of the Elbphilharmonie building, the Westin Hamburg brilliantly brings its mottos of well-being and relaxation to life.  Its privileged location on the water’s edge will make you live a contemporary experience.


    Package in a double room: €1,610

    Single room package: €2,260


    Individual stay.

    Transport and airport transfers on request.


    The price of this trip includes: accommodation in a double room with breakfast for 3 nights • tourist tax • tickets for the first category of shows for the three performances • repatriation assistance.


    The price of this trip does not include: extras • transportation • airport transfers.



    Programme and prices are subject to change by the venues, or by government decision, due to possible health constraints.





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