The most beautiful moments. Bringing to life a memorable emotion whose signature is the unexpected, the unspeakable, the joyful.

For more than four decades, La Fugue has distinguished itself as a masterful creator of journeys and orchestrator of events, skillfully crafting unique experiences that transform each moment into a true work of art.


We conceive extraordinary narratives wherein the artistic tapestry, unconventional locales, and your personal desires harmonize seamlessly, creating a finely composed symphony of experiences.


We can achieve the unattainable by privatizing a usually impenetrable palace, organizing a musical surprise in the heart of the desert or offering a dinner for two in a museum amidst works of art.


Come and share the magic of exceptional places, experience moments with major artistic and cultural players or discover the backstage of the finest shows, the studios of great artists and the diversity of  our curated destinations.



Luxaviation is a global business group headquartered in Luxembourg. After over 50 years of building lasting relationships with our esteemed clientele, we have established a worldwide reputation for service excellence.


With the acquisition of La Fugue in 2023, the group offers a specialized and artisanally made voyage service, fitting our clients dreams.


Luxury is all about experiences and the authenticity of the destination. The Group has many years of providing private travel means for voyagers worldwide.


We deliver excellence in a comprehensive range of aviation services tailored to our clients and partners. We are dedicated to safety and strive to create a fulfilling workplace through cultivating genuine, open, and engaging relationships with passionate colleagues.

Your travel experts
Chloé Lefevre
Executive Director

Chloé, la Chef d’Orchestre, devores travel books to get inspired. Her dreamy, curious, and reactive signature is present in all projects designed. Admirer of the astonishing vastness of deserts landscapes and visual arts, specifically charcoal drawings on white paper.





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Aliénor Elbaz du Peloux
Operations Manager

Aliénor, the joyful and smiling Agency Manager, is a passionate for travel, literature, and history. She constructs exclusive travel projects with extreme attention and inventive spirit. She is a graduated from the prestigious École Hôtelière de Glion where she acquired unique skills that allows her to deliver authentic, exciting, and meaningful journey experiences.



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Pauline Heckly
Project Officer

Pauline, the optimist wanderer foodie, brings the ultimate travel experiences that will blow your mind, expand your vision of the world, and introduce you to foreign cultures.
Her social, reliable, and hyperactive mind creates unforgettable adventures. Observe, listen, touch, smell and taste your destination.



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Sophie de Raynal
Project Officer

With a passion for exploration and a keen eye for detail, Sophie curates high-end itineraries that exceed the expectations of her elite clientele. Her extensive network of contacts within the luxury travel industry allows her to offer exclusive access to the world’s most prestigious  experiences.




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David Martin-Segura
Luxury Project Developer

David, our dedicated Luxury Project Developer, is a curious nomad; he was born in Mexico and has lived in Mauritania and the United Arab Emirates. He produces experiences that inspires the ability to enjoy life, cherish comforts and pleasures over and above while discovering unique & elite destinations.




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Angèle Voyen

Angèle is an avid reader and a museum enthusiast, these are the source of inspiration for her projects and to rekindle her wanderlust.  Being calmed, detailed, invested and with a never-ending smile are her signature features. For her, traveling is much more than just an adventure, it’s a way to open minds and hearts, to discover new cultures, to exchange with fascinating people and to create lasting memories.


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