The land of a thousand hills
Kigali, Nuyngwe, Volcanoes National Park

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    Rwanda will amaze you. After the 1994 genocide, the country miraculously healed its wounds. Thanks to the courage and generosity of Rwandans, you will discover a modern region and one of the most welcoming nations in Africa. Rwanda is a model of resilience but also of economic development, which favours eco-responsible tourism, in order to preserve its immense natural wealth.


    Mountainous, lush, lake-like, the “land of a thousand hills” is an enclave of greenery in East Africa. You’ll take the pulse of bustling and creative Kigali and learn more about its shattering past.


    Your communion with nature will begin as you explore the Akagera National Park, in the north-east of the country, sharing a border with Tanzania. This sumptuous nature reserve will be an opportunity to observe the country’s biodiversity.


    Your visit to Lake Kivu will be an enchanted interlude before heading to Nyungwe which, with its waterfalls and exuberant forest, looks like paradise. You will enjoy the exceptional comfort of a lodge located in a wonderful tea plantation.


    You will discover the Volcanoes National Park; This vast protected territory is home to one of the planet’s legendary animals. In this wonderful forest landscape, the last mountain gorillas in the world live. These fascinating giants live in the wild, thanks to responsible tourism and a clever conservation policy. The encounter with these lords is unforgettable. You will come back profoundly changed by this experience.


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    Akagera National Park

    In the north-east of the country, not far from Tanzania, the Akagera National Park was created in 1934 to protect the animals of this region. In 2010, after years of poaching that had impoverished the fauna and flora of the region, the management of the park was resumed: in 2015, lions were reintroduced, and in 2017 and 2019, rhinos. Since then, the park is once again autonomous, and you will be able to observe a good number of animals: zebras, lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants… A magnificent park filled with greenery and diversity!

    Nyungwe National Park

    A fascinating territory, Nyungwe is a veritable Garden of Eden that contains no less than three hundred species of birds, about twenty of which exist only in this precise place on the globe. The Nyungwe Forest is the largest montane forest on the African continent. With a guide, you will be able to explore the fauna and flora of this forest.

    Musanze, Volcanoes National Park

    The adventure starts early in the morning. In the company of an experienced ranger, you’ll roam the jungle to discover where these lords reside. Gorillas are indeed the wild treasure of Rwanda: there are only a thousand of them left in the wild, two-thirds of which are in the Volcanoes Park. At dawn, trackers set out to spot a family. Suddenly, the walkie-talkie crackles: they’re nearby… And like a supernatural apparition, they appear in front of you. The spectacle is fascinating: these mammals share nearly 98% of our genetic makeup. Few words can describe this extraordinary experience, which is almost sacred (presence of a porter for this activity).

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